About Us

We at Analysed work endlessly to bring together the two opposite extremes of the recruitment spectrum i.e, job seekers and recruiters. We bring together recruiters and job seekers on a common platform that caters to the needs of bother the categories.

We're a virtual recruitment platform that performs human analytics with the help of artificial intelligence. Humans are the most complex of creatures and their qualities and capabilities and needs can not always be fulfilled or even analysed completely so we have me a website that will take the help of AI to do it. We cater to the needs of recruiters by helping them play with their data using our AI tools. Job seekers can find the best of jobs on our platform, according to their practical skills and abilities. While doing all this, we aim at revolutionizing the entire recruitment process in the country making it easy, less time consuming and cost effective for everyone. Contact us to get a demo to know more.