A Virtual Recruitment Platform

Recruitment and hiring process has been a complex task for a long time and we plan to change that. Analysed helps recruiters in human analytics through AI and provides them with virtual testing tools to lighten the burden of the struggle for both recruiters and job aspirants. Let's eliminate together the troubles witnessed in the recruitment process and uncover a one stop solution to it.

Our Core Values


Job aspirants need to upload their resume and other important details for the virtual recruitment drive.

How it Works

Analysed strides with an advanced technology to reduce the unemployment rate and bridge the gap between education and corporate requirements.


A recruiter will be able to create their own virtual recruitment cell and set parameters according to their needs and requirements.

How are we different?

Analysed is different from every other job searching platforms as it offers exclusive technologically advanced tools to perform disparate functions or the recruitment process. We extensively provide tools and services to lighten the burden of the process.

Our Advantages

Our advantages are that we put our belief into this essential cause. Being an unbiased platform that extensively provides services to both recruiters and job seekers, we tend to make our platform a uniform and even one. We aim at using technology as a tool to fix the currently flawed recruitment process and job searching platforms.

Our Services

We do not augment that we transform your big dreams to reality, we just commence with little ones. Bridging the gap between a recruiter and an aspirant is our sole motive. We, at Analysed, believe that every person holds a potential to reach at zenith of their career.